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IMI Critical
Industrial valves need special care

For IMI Critical, the valve world exhibition in Dusseldorf is its premier event. However, building an exhibition stand for them presented a number of significant challenges.

We were briefed here to create a stand that would showcase their solutions, however, with the majority of their products being very heavy, we also needed to pay special attention to the way they were to be displayed.

Here we set about creating bespoke stand furniture that was both stylish and, more importantly, could cope with the weight. Also, part of the stand was to show a valve weighing 3.5 tonnes that was to be placed on the booth floor. This then involved us having to create a reinforced floor to provide the extra support needed. Again, we were responsible for all the global logistics of ensuring that all of the products arrived on time.

The end result was a high impact stand, delivered on time and on budget.